Brockwell Lido & Lido Carpark Holiday Hours

New Lido manager Clare Motton has just released operating hours for both the Lido complex and carpark (they're the same hours) for the Christmas/New Year period. This is after some consultation with Lambeth, BLU, the Users' Forum here and on FB, and numerous others. A big improvement from last year's holiday hours when many Lido members and users were exasperated! So ... see you down the Lido! See timetable below.


There were a tremendous number of places to visit in SE London alone during the London-wide Open House weekend in September ... one place we made sure to spend time in was the Carnegie Library in Herne Hill, endowed by the Scots-American industrialist (one of among 380 library buildings he wholly or partially financed in the UK). An inspired Open House Guide walked us by its many remarkable features - from the old librarian's quarters, the stained glass and Tudor-style windows, the skylights over what used to be the old librarian's desk ... the tiled floor mosaics ... to a gallery in a disused room featuring kids playing chess and Herne Hill photos by Max Rush! We even had a look at the back stacks -- which included a massive collection of vinyl destined (we were told) for the skips and leather-bound books galore! We were then served tea/coffee and biscuits!


20's Plenty: Please sign

A local petition has started in Lambeth about a really important issue which could save lives each year (for years to come).

It concerns the 20's plenty campaign, which many will already know about and support.

Lambeth has one of the highest rates of road deaths in London.  By dropping the speed limit to 20 mph in residential areas (as many people in the UK have already done) we can improve traffic flow, air quality, bring about
more cycling, and significantly reduce the numbers of casualties on the roads.

Snow wardens needed

Good afternoon,


This winter Lambeth council are looking for community-minded volunteers to help clear snow and ice from local streets and help keep the borough moving during periods of bad weather.

Dr Bike Season Ending

You're probably all aware that there have been free bike check sessions in Brockwell Park every Wednesday just outside of the Lido, all summer long. These have been put on by Lambeth Sustainable Travel (LST) in Brockwell Park, Clapham Common South Side, Kings College Waterloo and West Norwood. Sadly, even though the weather seems to have perked up again, there are no more scheduled for Brockwell Park this year. Unless the one LST member who gave it a go last winter decides to brave it again, which is unlikely. If it happens we'll try to let you know. But the good news is that there is one more bike check session scheduled in two days' time, on Sept 28th, at Streatham Common South Side. Which is within reach! Get one in while you can! For more info see LST's FB at:


Lambeth Neighbourhood Watch advice

Dear All,

A large number of laptops are stolen everyday from individuals in a street, vehicles or in burglaries.  It is apparent that not many owners have taken any precautions to protect their property in any way, even though the computers hold lots of personal data and important documentation either personal or work.


In order to assist police in returning stolen items to their owners, can I please ask that you register all your property that has a make model and serial number on the free national mobile property register Immobilise which the police check property against.


Lambeth Park Ranger Service under the gun

Various agencies deal with the Lido carpark, which is regularly (ab)used by tradesmen, commuters & others - none of whom use the Lido. Disabled parking is abused. The Lambeth Park Ranger Service watched the carpark abuse terribly well, but at least did some work (see pic of tagged car). It faces elimination and this could worsen the parking situation. Petitions are circulating online to save it. If you have an opinion, now is the time to have your say.


See the campaign Facebook at:


Recycling becomes compulsory in Lambeth

This coming Monday 4th April, recycling in Lambeth will become compulsory. Here's what Lambeth have to say about the move.


"We are making changes to our recycling and refuse services that come into effect on 4th April 2011. These changes are the result of a waste strategy that we have been developing over the last two years with your help. Our aim is to help change behaviour, increase recycling, reduce the amount of waste that is produced and reduce the growing costs of waste collection and disposal."


Everyone will be asked to do their bit on recycling to save costs and keep the borough clean and green.


Wheels for Wellbeing FREE EVENT, this Sat 19th & next Sat 26th Brockwell Park

Wheels for Wellbeing is a charity which supports disabled people to cycle in London. It has organized a Lambeth sponsored accessible cycling session for under 19s (19 or younger) and the disabled who want to cycle, in Brockwell Park! This is part of Wheels for Wellbeing's March 'Aiming High' sessions. Free and two of them left this Sat. the 19th and next Sat. the 26th. 1:30-4:30 pm at the All Weather Pitch near the Lido.


Whatever impairment, long term health condition or disability you have, Wheels for Wellbeing can help with your cycle query.


No need to book. Just turn up and ride! Register on the day or in advance by calling 020 7346 8482. Cyclists need to be accompanied. Non-disabled siblings welcome.


Click play on the embedded audio player to hear more about Wheels for Wellbeing!

Council spending data now published

Lambeth have met the government guidelines for publishing all expenditure for 2010 that was over £500. It is available for download here.


What Lambeth have not done is itemise it in any great detail. So far over £42 million has been spent in January this year.


Big recipients of Lambeth money are Engage Lambeth Ltd registered in Norwich who received over £3.9 million. 


Southwark did not meet the end of January deadline for publishing the data. As soon as they do we will have it available for you.


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