Dr Bike in Brockwell Park, June 26th

Never fear, if you end up knackering your bike while cycling either Bike the Borough or Bike the Bounds on June 24th, Dr Bike will be holding free Brockwell Park bike checks two days later on Tues June 26th just outside of the Lido, 5:30 to 7:30pm! See the Lambeth website for more info about the summer Dr Bike schedule at:

Or see the Lambeth Cyclists site at:

Bike the Borough on June 24th

Coming up on June 24th is Bike the Borough: Clapham Common -Streatham Common - Brockwell Park - Archbishop's Park 10am-4pm. Sign up at:


A great new addition to Bike the Borough is "Bike the Bounds" ... a 22 mile ride round the edge of Lambeth led by activist Jon Newman starting and finishing at the Thames. See adjacent poster and for more info about both events, check out Lambeth Sustainable Travel's FB at:




Traffic changes during the Olympics from TFL

uring the Olympic and Paralympic Games, London will be turned into a massive sporting and cultural venue.

Gang maps for Lambeth

Since we posted on the Forum the report on criminal activity and gang territories the blog site London Street Gangs blog have expanded on the information and added more background data.

If you want to know more about the current gangs in London and their territories then check out their work here.

Crime report for Lambeth

The Lambeth Partnership Tasking and Co-ordination report is now available. It covers the actions that Lambeth police have been taking, the stats on crime and where they are occuring and what is being done in the future.

Burglaries in Herne Hill are on the increase as is motor vehicle crime.

The full report is avaiable for download here.

Police strategy on dealing with gangs and CPCG report

The police have issued a report on their strategy for dealing with gangs in London and Lambeth/Southwark. It is available for download here.

There is also the report from the Lambeth Lambeth CPCG (Community, Police Consultative Committee).It covers a wide range of oissues from gangs, robbery, anti-social behaviour and actions taken and successes over the last few months. It can be downloaded here.

Crime statistics for Lambeth 2011

The crime reports for Lambeth up to the end of 2011 are now available. House burglaries show a sharp rise but cases of rape are down. Murder is currently running at stlightly less than one a month. Bike thefts rocket.

Full details with all the graphs are available for download here.

Warning regarding banking scam

Lambeth Borough Police are warning of a fraud which is being perpetrated in the borough.

Some elderly residents have received a phone call, purporting to be from their bank. The caller asks details about their bank account, including the pin number for their card, to verify that they are the account holder.  

Update on path repairs in Brockwell Park

From: Jeff Segal
Sent: 07 December 2011 20:46
To: Cultural & Environment Enquiries
Subject: Brockwell Park path resurfacing


Dear Lambeth Parks:


Do you know if there's a target date for resurfacing the path on the Norwood Road side of Brockwell Park?


Crime stats for Herne Hill and Lambeth released

The report on the crime stats and Fire Brigade callouts for Lambeth have been released. They show a slight increase in crime in Herne Hill.

If you own a Peugeot car then especially worth reading.

They can be downloaded here.


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