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Sunday Market lunchtime jazz is back in the square Sunday Oct 21st

Jazz On The Hill is again pleased to be hosting music to shop the market by this Sunday as the Ingham Swing Ensemble gets on stage for 1:30pm. So get your toes tapping, rain or shine!

Herne Hill Sunday Market News & Trader Tales ... for Oct 14th!

We had another couple of entertaining sets from Jazz Union (aka Ingham Swing Ensemble) at Jazz On The Hill for Sunday lunchtime, which actually filled up a lot just as the market was wrapping! A later start than usual but very nice once it got going. Great hearing some of the traders ask "where is the music!?"



Especially Elaine the Flower Lady who in the pic below says I LOVE HERNE HILL! Please notice her 100+ year old family flower cart which sits just outside the shop. She started out in London on it! The Flower Lady comes from a long family line of florists, originally hailing from Portsmouth. 




Lunchtime jazz back in Market Square this Sunday, Oct 14th

Jazz On The Hill is again hosting Sunday lunchtime jazz from 1:30 pm in support of the ongoing Herne Hill Music Festival and the Herne Hill Sunday Market. Featuring Jazz Union (aka Ingham Swing Ensemble). Good crowd on hand last weekend, so come for a bit of swing jazz while you're shopping - warm up, take a load off your feet! There'll be Festival programmes on hand and other information too.


The weather cooperated yesterday and so with that we had another well-attended Sunday market and a good turn up for the accompanying lunchtime music at Jazz On The Hill in support of the market and the Herne Hill Music Festival. It was another great collaborative effort between market traders, square sellers, and local music. A speaker outside got music to traders and shoppers alike ... we even spotted Annie Crisp, who runs Handmade Mosaic Crystals, dancing around her stall to the wafting sounds of the Ingham Swing Ensemble (see photo in album below)! And not long after BBC's White Van Man star Joey Fry (Darren) dropped by for an organic burger and a couple of tunes - he's just moved back to the area! Alan Taylor, director of the Herne Hill Music Festival, was on hand outside at the festival stall, and then inside introducing the band and promoting the festival. Wonderful to see Tony, who runs Jazz On The Hill, and Elaine, who is the square's Flower Lady, come in at the end and take the stage to announce intent to carry on with Sunday lunchtime music for as long as possible! Hopefully another session this coming Sunday October 14th.


Jazz Union @ Jazz On The Hill for the Music Fest & Sunday Market - Oct 7th!


The Ingham Swing Ensemble did two sets last weekend (Sept 30) to carry on in strong Herne Hill Square Bandstand spirit ... supporting not only the Herne Hill Music Festival which begins next week, but also the Herne Hill Sunday Market, which continues all year round. All at Jazz On The Hill where live lunchtime music carries on up to Festival start - and hopefully beyond!


Here's a little video from last weekend - the boys do a great Cole Porter standard from 1936 while the Sunday Market bustles just outside ... hope to see a few more of you outside at the market and well as inside for lunchtime jazz! Come on over, bring a mate ... then step inside, warm up and take a load off! The Ingham Swing Ensemble do it all over again Sunday Oct 7th ...


Thanks to everyone helping to make this a reality - plus big kudos to Rick Bak for the fab new poster above!


But let's just hope Rupert gets over his cold in time!


Herne Hill Music Festival flyer coming through your door! Fest begins 11th Oct

If you haven't had your Festival flyer through the door yet, our army of volunteers is still working all local areas. But if you can't wait to see it and don't want to go to the festival website, we've scanned the paper flyer and posted it up on the Festival's Facebook page! Go to:


Click right to get to the overleaf!

And just to remind you, you can get performance and ticket info from: hernehillfestival.org

The Festival begins 11th October with Stan Tracey at Jazz On The Hill

Bandstand & official Sunday Market opening video recap! Ingham Ensemble back in the Market 30 Sept!

After the Keaton silent on the 8th, Herne Hill followed up with a Herne Hill Music Festival Bandstand as part of the official opening of the Sunday Market on the 9th. And part of Herne Hill train station 150 year anniversary celebrations. Here's a video capsule of bands and events on the day ... and don't forget that the Herne Hill Music Festival begins with Stan Tracey at Jazz On The Hill on Oct 11th and will run until the 20th at many other venues in the Herne Hill area - from the Carnegie Library to the Half Moon and many more. Tickets for Stan Tracey are now only available from Jazz On The Hill (if any are left!) but you can find performance, venue and ticket information from: hernehillfestival.org


Ingham Swing Ensemble this Sunday in the Market


By popular demand the Ingham Swing Ensemble, return to Herne Hill at Jazz on the Hill to promote the 2012 Herne HIll Music Festival.  


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