Lido Spa Report 17th Dec (eve), early spa closing, Xmas hours, gym news


It has been a good week in the Lido spa, with most facilities up and running most of the time - with the possible exception of the hydrotherapy pool which, while hot, sometimes hasn't had all jets firing during underwater and overhead jet rotation. But everything was back back online last night. Sauna's been a bit cool at around 78 to 82 as a matter of course, but the steam room is working well again. Elsewhere still waiting on the showers in the men's changing to be sorted - repair date has been set for the 21 Dec, which has meant nearly a month's wait so far. Not usually a problem unless everyone's trying to take a shower at once - such as at closing.


Lido swimming pool all systems go, Lido hydropool remains down

The Lido's swimming pool is open for business! Good to see a few swimmers in today even if the wind outside remains really chilly! Pool hours are weekdays 07.00-13.00 and 16.00-19.00 plus 08.00-18.00 at weekends. Sadly, however, the same can't be said about the Lido's hydropool which has been down for a couple of weeks already due to removal of the loose railing into the pool. This was first reported loose on April 2nd, was finally actioned on the 8th, and workmen came on the 13th. They couldn't repair it, so then took it away for welding. New fix date looks like the 24th. We're aware many of you in the spa are fed up with all of the problems over the past 6-9 months. Let's hope the hydropool is truly sorted this week!

Lido Pool begins refill/Hydrotherapy pool out of order again

Brockwell Lido's pool began its refill yesterday. According to GRC Filtration's team leader with whom we spoke, work finally finished shortly after Easter and the refill will take "up to two weeks". On the face of it, this means the pool will not be ready for the big open day or The Big Splash. Although it has been raining a bit lately, so that might help speed things up a bit! See photo below taken this afternoon - you can just about see water in there! Elsewhere, you can see no water at all in the Lido hydrotherapy pool, as it is again out of operation. Sounding like a broken record where the hydropool is concerned! However, as we understand it, it is completely drained in order to allow repairmen to come in and fix the loose railing which leads into the pool. See photo below. Saw one "engineer" on site testing the railing at around 2pm this afternoon. One Fusion staff member said he hoped it would be done today so a refill could ensue, but if it is a soak you want, best to ring the Lido first.

Brockwell Lido Spa Report! up to & including March 20th

OK, so this is getting a bit boring, but just to inform you that as of last night, the Lido spa's steam room remained out of order. This was announced by display in reception. What was not announced is that the hydropool was also down and no one could be found to explain why. Consequently the sauna was packed out. Lately it seems one thing or another is out of order in the spa and on a continuing basis, so it would probably be worth your while to ring Brockwell Lido first (020 7274 3088) before coming along if you're only after a spa session ... or first poke your head inside the spa area to see what's functioning if coming in from the gym.

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