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MASSIVE thank you to all the wonderful people who built 20 planters today!


Railton Road is having a makeover this weekend, courtesy of Herne Hill residents, the Herne Hill Forum and the wonderful guys from Lambeth and Community Payback.





Today we built, painted and filled 20 planters with soil. Come down tomorrow and help us plant them up with The Flower Lady and her wonderful little Cuprinol sprayed elves.Smile





The Herne Hill project manager, Michael Stuart shows just what can be achieved with a hammer.


Herne Hill CPZ Consultation report

Following on from various meetings Lambeth sent out additional questionnaires regarding the proposed changes to the CPZ in the Herne Hill, Milkwwod Road, Herne Hill Road, Denmark Hill area. The full report is available here.

Street robbery in Herne Hill

Yesterday evening (Monday) at 7.18 p.m. I witnessed a woman having her phone stolen. Three youths approached her in Dulwich Road, grabbed her phone and ran across Dulwich Road to near Milton Road. I was on the Milton Road side and gave chase to them whilst also calling the Police. Two of them ran down Shakespeare Road into Railton Road and then back down Spenser Road whilst I ran after them. Thankfully Jody was out on his bike looking for his missing cat and also gave chase down Spenser Road.


One then stopped to talk to a woman in a car on the junction with Dulwich Road, the other continued running. I caught up and stopped the boy (about 14 years old) and tried to get him to decide to stay there. Unfortunately he made off down Dulwiuch Road and into Brixton Water Lane where I lost sight of him.


Crime report for Lambeth and Herne Hill

The report on Lambeth Partnership Tasking and Co-ordination report is out. Crime figures for Lambeth and Herne Hill available here

Great photo of Herne Hill wanted

The Herne Hill Forum is working with Living Streets to promote walking in and around the Herne Hill area. As part of the work there will be a postcard produced that needs a stunning image of Herne Hill and ideally walking in the area that will be on the front cover.

Have you taken a picture that you think embodies the best of Herne Hill?

If you have and are willing for it to be used on the postcard (full credits will be included) then please e-mail it in to: info@hernehillforum.org.uk.

Many thanks

Crime stats for Herne Hill and Lambeth released

The report on the crime stats and Fire Brigade callouts for Lambeth have been released. They show a slight increase in crime in Herne Hill.

If you own a Peugeot car then especially worth reading.

They can be downloaded here.

Petrol Station site in Herne Hill - development plans available for view

Press release from the developers of the site:


Goldcrest will be exhibiting their proposals for the former petrol station site on Wednesday 16th November, 2pm to 8pm at Herne Hill Baptist Church, Half Moon Lane, London, SE24 9HU

You can download the poster and rough plans for the development here 


Herne Hill Second stage consultation report

If you are in the Herne Hill area that was going through the consultation process for traffic calming in the Herne Hill, Milkwood Road, Ruskin Park triangle then the second stage report is available for download here.

If you missed the Poets Corner results then they are available here


There were a tremendous number of places to visit in SE London alone during the London-wide Open House weekend in September ... one place we made sure to spend time in was the Carnegie Library in Herne Hill, endowed by the Scots-American industrialist (one of among 380 library buildings he wholly or partially financed in the UK). An inspired Open House Guide walked us by its many remarkable features - from the old librarian's quarters, the stained glass and Tudor-style windows, the skylights over what used to be the old librarian's desk ... the tiled floor mosaics ... to a gallery in a disused room featuring kids playing chess and Herne Hill photos by Max Rush! We even had a look at the back stacks -- which included a massive collection of vinyl destined (we were told) for the skips and leather-bound books galore! We were then served tea/coffee and biscuits!


Controlled Parking Zone for Herne Hill/Milkwood Road area - updates

Yesterday evening there was a meeting for stakeholders involved in the proposed extension to the CPZ for Herne Hill.


The Lambeth Transport and Highways department wanted to discuss the results from the second round of consultation about extending the CPZ currently in the north of the area further down south towards the station.


Unfortunately Lambeth Transport and Highways department failed to provide any of the results information prior to the meeting and did not have any spare copies of how the voting had gone at the meeting.


Of the two copies of the results that were available (one had been obtained specifically by e local resdient callling up the Transport Department and requesting the information) it was apparaent that some of the statistics on percentatges in favour or against for individual roads didn't actually add up correctly. Lambeth Transport and Highways have promised to go back and check their addition and issue the full corrected results. We will post them here for downloading as soon as they are available.



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