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Herne Hill Piano on the TELLY Xmas Special!

Music documentary - the star of which is Herne Hill Piano is getting its TV PREMIERE this Xmas!!

 Xmas Day 9pm and 29th December 9pm

On which channel? It is Together TVto be found on 

Freeview 93 Sky173 Virgin269 or FreeSat164 

Christmas viewing all sorted! 

Festive Greetings from London's favourite street piano!

Where has the Herne Hill Piano gone, you ask ...

You've noticed an empty space where the Herne Hill piano usually is? The answer is that the Herne Hill piano has gone to the piano repairers for some essential maintenance - will be back soon, we promise.


Do you love the Herne Hill Piano?

If you love the Herne Hill piano...

You are invited to a special screening of the Documentary film Instrument of Change: Street Piano.

The Herne Hill piano inspired Maureen Ni Fiann and Tom Rochester to spend three years making a documentary film about street pianos.

It is finished now - had its world premiere in South Korea, and won an award in Los Angeles.

It will have its first London screening on Sat Dec 9th at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holborn.

Thanks for your patience, Herne Hill!

It was fantastic to be able to finally put up the board with the list of donors for our replacement piano in the Square this week. Thanks for being so patient Herne Hill!

Much appreciation to all those who contributed to our much loved ‘new’ piano, it’s maintenance and use at events.

Herne Hill welcomes the new street piano and bids adieu to our old beloved

The weather tried to dampen our celebrations but Herne Hill dug in, wrapped up and ran for cover under our giant sized brolly aka a market canopy.  

A big thank you to everyone who came out and supported the piano event on Saturday 1 October.  We had some superb musical performances and incredible piano playing from Sam, Mina, Fabio, Francoise, Guy, Stewart, Rob and Elizabeth.  A big cheers to local home grown talents, The Relatives.  Wonder if we'd hear songs about Herne Hill if we went to an event in Nunhead?  

Support the world's first Street Piano Academy in Herne Hill

After your amazing support to fund the new piano, we make another appeal to your generosity.  We've all seen how our lovely street piano feels our community with warmth and has inspired many.  We want to do more.  

Did you know that just 8% of children in state schools are learning an instrument and that children are far more likely to have access to music lessons in independent education settings, despite the Governmental ‘music manifesto’ which was launched in 2004 to give every child in England the chance of free or cut-price tuition?  

Herne Hill Autumn Piano Performance and Mini Market

A musical and market event to thank the community and piano supporters for the overwhelming response and generosity on the fundraising for the new piano, the Herne Hill Forum will be hosting a party and mini market to mark the arrival of the new piano and retirement of the old piano with live music from local artists.

A plea from the Herne Hill Piano

Our much loved street piano is retiring very soon.  In words from the piano, 'I've entertained you, kept the children busy, made you feel safe, brought the square to life, opened my arms to everyone, but now, I'm shattered.'  Sadly the piano is beyond repair so it's days are truly limited.  We need your help to fund a replacement piano and its maintenance.  

Street Piano Film Instrument of Change is near completion

Street Piano Film Instrument of Change - is a 50 min music documentary - some of the main characters are the Herne Hill Piano, Jools Holland, James Rhodes, Chas Hodges and many street players. We are all local film makers and are about half way through production. Be great to get some local Producer contact/help/advice on board for the last lap to help us get some completion funding - would you like to help?

For more info contact us on streetpianofilm.co.uk

Our Blog is here with Vimeo and YouTube links 

Shout out for social media person help local film crew!

Social media Help Wanted for local Film crew

We are producing a music documentary about street pianos ( casting:- Herne Hill piano, Jools Holland, Chas Hodges, James Rhodes ....and lots more to be revealed )  

The film crew need someone adept at social media to join the team - just one/two hours a week to spread the word about film would be amazing! 


And has anyone got a spare desk in their office we could use for 3 months?


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