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Poet's Corner Controlled parking Zone

With the petitions starting to go out yesterday, there has been a good response to the proposal to reduce the Poet's Corner controlled parking hours from 8 hours a day to 2.

This would mean that guests and tradespeople visiting our homes would have most of the day to park for free.

There are petition forms to sign in The Flower Shop, Herne Hill Books, and the Blackbird Bakery. We still however could do with some help collecting signatures door-to-door. If you think you could help by agreeing to collect signatures among your friends and neighbours, it would be a great help. Please contact me via pjohnsonosteopath@gmail.com

Poet's Corner (PR) Controlled Parking Zone

Poet's Corner CPZ-Reduce the Controlled Hours

Herne Hill Controlled Parking Zone - parking statistics

Following on the the meeting between local residents, stakeholders and Lambeth Transport department there is now available the research done on parking densities in the local area that is being consulted on regarding an extension to the CPZ.

The survey was carried out by Lambeth Transport department to ascertain how busy the streets were in the area and what free (if any) parking space was available.

The PDF file is available for download here.

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