Distance Reiki - to your own home

Dear Herne Hill folk,

Patient Group in your GP practice

Have you ever thought about:

The difference you can make at your GP practice? 

The difference you can make to your own health?

 Now, each GP practice has a contractual obligation to establish a Patient Participation Group (PPG) in their practice. 

Local film team helping to tackle US Healthcare Crisis!



A new important documentary is being made on the a critical universal issue that affects us all - Healthcare. And it's being made by a local team based in and around the Herne Hill area!


Real-life storyline: Stan Brock, a British-born Amazonian cowboy, sells all his possessions and takes a vow of poverty to create the charity Remote Area Medical in the US. He puts it together for the Third World but in an ironic twist it now chiefly serves the US, from coast to coast. It is an organisation run solely by volunteers and patients are seen completely free of charge. For many, it is all there is.


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