Reminder: Use Your Gym This Christmas!

Reminder! Don't forget to use the Lido gym this Xmas! Otherwise, Fusion will cut back on hours next year! A reminder of Lido Xmas/NY holiday times:

Monday 24 December   8am – 4pm


Tuesday 25 December   Closed


Wednesday 26 December Closed


Thursday 27 December 7am – 8pm


Friday 28 December 7am – 8pm


Saturday 29 December 8am – 6pm


Sunday 30 December 8am – 6pm


Monday 31 December 8am – 4pm


Tuesday 1 January 2013 Closed


Wednesday 2 January  Normal opening times



Lido Spa Report 17th Dec (eve), early spa closing, Xmas hours, gym news


It has been a good week in the Lido spa, with most facilities up and running most of the time - with the possible exception of the hydrotherapy pool which, while hot, sometimes hasn't had all jets firing during underwater and overhead jet rotation. But everything was back back online last night. Sauna's been a bit cool at around 78 to 82 as a matter of course, but the steam room is working well again. Elsewhere still waiting on the showers in the men's changing to be sorted - repair date has been set for the 21 Dec, which has meant nearly a month's wait so far. Not usually a problem unless everyone's trying to take a shower at once - such as at closing.


Brockwell Lido Gym upgrade

Message from General manager of Brockwell Lido reads as follows:


Dear Customer,


I am delighted to be able to inform you that our new gym equipment is due to be installed in the week commencing 4th June 2012.



Following a large investment you will be pleased to hear that not only will we have new equipment but the gym will also be refurbished.



The investment will include new mirrors in the free weights and spinning areas as requested by you, our customers. The area will also be painted and new flooring will be laid in the free weights area and the new stretching area.



Meeting at the Lido to review new gym layout plan tomorrow Feb 2nd

There will be a meeting at the Lido on Thurs Feb 2nd (Whippersnappers, 6:30pm) to discuss Fusion's new gym layout. This is a followup to the previous consultation process, which included two meetings when a pair of designs were floated and users in attendance gave feedback. Fusion took away those plans and the comments and have now come up with a single, final design. This is what will be reviewed, and the session will be led by Lido manager Clare Motton along with Fusion regional manager Mark Braithwaite. You can see a drawing of the new plan below. Hope you can make the meeting. There may not be another chance for input.

Revised Brockwell Lido gym proposals: meeting Feb 2nd 6.30pm


 Look out for the revised gym plan which will be displayed at the Lido by 29 January 2011.



Clare Motton will hold a further meeting to discuss the revised plan on the 2nd February 2012 at 6.30pm in the Whippersnappers Room. Mark Braithwaite, Divisional Business Manager will also be in attendance.

2nd & last open meeting re gym refurb at Lido, Sun. Jan 15th, 2pm, Studio 1

14 Jan: Another important gym refurb meeting tomorrow - another (perhaps last) chance to get in your shout! This will be held at 2pm in studio 1, but as the location could change in case of activity scheduling conflict, check at reception upon arrival. This is an important meeting and "bums on seats" are crucial, esp those of regular users. There was a meeting on Weds (see photos below) which produced a good turnout with Lido manager Clare Motton presiding, but we're all hoping for better this time. Fusion have tabled two gym refurb plans which were on display at the meeting and have been posted on this forum as well. They have been taking email consultation on which is best - but reaction has been lacklustre so far. It appeared as though one plan or the other would simply be adopted, fait accompli, but thanks to Giles of Herne Hill Forum, who initiated argument for one more meeting to review Fusion's choice before implementation, it will not be done and dusted after tomorrow. But it is crucial that as many people as possible come along to have a say.

Brockwell Lido gym proposals: second meeting Sunday 2pm

Good meeting held last night to discuss gym proposals. For anyone who could not make it last night, there will be a second similar meeting at the Lido led by Team Leader, Natasha, and Customer Relations Manager, Tara, this Sunday, January 15th at 2pm.


There will be an important meeting at the Lido led by facility manager Clare Motton tomorrow evening re planned refurb of the gym and spa areas. This may also involve gym gear replacement. If you care about the gym or spa or both, we hope you can attend. Among topics to be discussed will be the refurb plans Fusion has put forward and these include two alternative floor layouts which have been posted up at the Lido as drawings. See below for the proposal from Clare Motton as well as the drawings. Possibly also to be discussed will be the sort of comments Fusion received in time for their 8th January email/public consultation via Tara Harris which the proposal doc refers to. So if you didn't get your comments in on time, you may well still have a chance to speak up.


See you there! Sorry for the early-ish hour but hoping for a strong turnout all the same.

Brockwell Lido gym proposal meeting

Lido manager, Clare Motton will hold a meeting on Wed 11 January at 6pm in Studio 3 for people to share their views on the gym proposal.

Proposals for new gym layout at Brockwell Lido

If you use the Lido gym, you have a chance to comment on two alternative proposals for a new layout when equipment is replaced in 2012.  The plans are displayed on notice boards at the Lido and you have only until 8th January to get your comments in.


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