North Versus South Swimming Gala

Following on from the success of last years revival gala between Brockwell and Parliament Hill Lidos the Brockwell Lido Swim Team were invited  for a rematch in celebration of Parliament Hill Lido 80th year. The Parliament Hill Lido Swim Team won but Brockwell Lido Swim Team put on a good show and got in a several wins against tough opposition. The Brockwell Lido team ranged in ages from 26 to 71 and included representation from Brockwell Icicles, Streamline Swims and individual swimmers.

Brockwell Swimmers head for Tooting

Fancy a dip? Tooting Bec Lido have invited Brockwell Swimmers to their Mid-Summer Races happening Wednesday 17th June at 6:30pm. Each team will include four swimmers, all completing four lengths in rotation for sixteen lengths, e.g. each member will swim four 100 yard lengths.

Cost is £12 per swimmer on a first come first serve basis. If you want to take part please contact Brockwell Swimmers (confirming your age). As usual this is more about the taking part than winning, but you never know!

Brockwell Lido Cold Water Swimming Gala in pictures!

Brockwell Lido held its first annual Cold Water Swimming Gala today (Sunday Feb 8th) and it was a great success! Races, relays, cakes and costumes … there were even hot tubs served up with hot drinks poolside! Pictured (clockwise from top left): relay swimming, Dalek swimming hat, the winning cake and other treats, hot drinks and hot tubs, everyone after the swim! Congratulations to Tara and her team for a wonderful celebration. And respect to all the brave swimmers. And thanks to the cake makers • Photos by Yvonne Levy

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