The Knackerd Chef Talks to Cafe Prov

My recent appointment has forced my weekly article to become bi-weekly until I can find time to fit it in amongst my multitude of ongoing and growing commitments.

Half Moon Lane traders flooded out again

This morning traders in Half Moon Lane woke up to yet another flood. Duo Dance, the Newsagents, Oxfam and other nearby shops were all affected. The basements were flooded and stock and equipment damaged.

It appears to be a leaking sewer and Thames Water are investigating.

It is not the first time that Thames Water have been involved with water damage to Herne Hill traders and residents.

Herne Hill Public Meeting 8 Oct - notes & actions

In case you missed our evening of rubbish, evictions and floods (sounds doom & gloom doesn't it?), we're sharing the notes and actions hhfpublicmeetingwithminutesactions_08102015_v01lr_0.pptx

CafeProv announces opening soon

They're blogging it, so it must be true! Cafe Provencal is slated to open soon. The response on our Facebook http://on.fb.me/1muYhgT has been ecstatic!


'After the flood: how the waters brought Herne Hill together'

'After the flood: how the waters brought Herne Hill together' is an interesting Brixton Blog post from 3 weeks ago which describes the enormity of the flood in Herne Hill last August and the scope of damage. It features interviews with many affected traders, going behind the scenes to describe frustration with Thames Water and local government, but also depicts a galvanising, fighting spirit which has helped the area get back on its feet.




Half Moon Pub & Lane - August 11th status

The Half Moon have thanked everyone on social media for offers to help get the pub open soon but can't say when this might be for at least another 10 days. In great part because of the building's listed status - lots of consultants (incl English Heritage) need to come out and survey the damage in order to help decide the best way to dry out. Putting the building back together will depend on working out what needs replacing. Thames Water yesterday (10th) said from its Herne Hill Baptist Church HQ that it will take at least another week to clear off repairs in Half Moon Lane.


Remarkable photo shared by a Herne Hill Forum FB reader!

Zara shared this "bird's eye view" photo of the calamity with us on FB a short while ago & also wrote: "Flatmate Pippa took this photo yesterday from our roof. We live above Pedder so right by where the pipe burst. I think in spite of all the damage this pic shows what a beautiful little part of London Herne Hill is. Hopefully we'll all be back on track soon!" We second that beautiful sentiment Zara!




Aftermath - day after the flood in pictures + trader, traffic news

Lots of queries for aftermath status images, so here you go. Day after the flood and Half Moon Lane remains closed to traffic and difficult for pedestrians between Winterbrook and Stradella. As of 4pm today almost all shops both sides of the Half Moon Lane parade after Herne Hill A215 heading east remain shut. Some are locked up with water damage visible on floors, a few are currently being pumped. We spoke to the proprietors of Tales on Moon Lane who were just getting their cellar and shopfloor drained by flood services. They said they really weren't open for business because they still don't have power and there's no way to make change - but could agree to a sale if a customer had exact change. Also, they've removed all their electronics. Insurance will cover losses, but they said they weren't sure how much "work day" loss will be covered. Elswhere, Number 22 is shut and like other shops you can still see pooled water on their floor. Again no power, so lots of ice chests about. We spoke with Simon at the Half Moon Pub and he expects to be out of business for between 2-3 weeks - larger premises, greater damage, cellar still flooded.

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