fish filleting

Events at Herne Hill Market for this Sunday Feb 17th

There are loads of events happening this Sunday at the market....




First up obviously is the Fish Course


Calling all you budding fish eaters and chefs, we have laid on a special "show and tell" masterclass lasting about an hour that will show you what to look for when buying fresh fish, how to fillet fish and then how to cook them to perfection. 


The team at Portland Scallops (the fab fish stall at the market) will show you the wide range of fish and shellfish that they have, give you tips on what to look for when choosing fish, how to tell if it is fresh, how to tell if it has been frozen. They will then show how to fillet a fish (possibly whiting, gurnard or mackerel) easily and simply. Ask them questions about fish, sourcing (and saucing), species, sustainability and seasons. They know their stuff.




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