Herne Hill Square Collection for Calais Refugees, Sept 6, 2015

Herne Hill Square saw an incredible turnout with goods donated for the refugees in Calais on Sunday Sept 6th. Some of us still feel like we're sorting, boxing, bagging and labeling! But it was nice to have the Festival and Forum bandstand music on earlier and the operation was cleared before 6pm. The Cal-Aid vans are probably coming to collect on Thursday, so in the meantime, everything is being stored in the arches with preventative measures taken for food to ensure the rodents don't have a feast beforehand!

Brockwell Park Clock Tower Appeal nearing target

£18,467 has been raised so far toward the £20,000 target to restore the clocktower. This includes match-funding and gift-aid. The Clock and its Tower 'Little Ben' were donated to Brockwell Park in 1897 by local MP Charles Ernest Tritton, in honour of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. After 100 years the clock stopped. The Park wants to repair and restore the clock and its tower in the Diamond Jubilee year of Queen Elizabeth. If you can help seal the deal, go to and click on the clock! Or directly donate at




Latest news from Oxfam Herne Hill

Latest from Oxfam at 20 Half Moon Lane, from their FB page:

"Our shop will not be able to open until the end of November at the earliest because of the flooding. Sadly we lost everything as it was all stored in the cellar whilst the planned refurbishment happened. So this Saturday (7th of September) from about 10 am to 3 pm, we shall be outside the shop to accept selected donations ( clothing, china, books and music) and talk to people. Please come and visit us. We’ll be doing this on selected weekends until we can open again. Please don’t leave donations outside of the shop when we are not there as the builders cannot take them in and we can’t use them. Check our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates."

Donations begin for Save the Herne Hill Velodrome campaign

Save the Herne Hill Velodrome campaign was excited to receive over £4000 on its first day accepting donations yesterday. Thank you to all who have donated so far. You can find out more and donate here.

Oxfam appeal for donations


A huge fire has devastated Oxfam's Wastesaver recycling plant and warehouse. Tons of stock destined for their shops were ruined.

Please donate any items you can to your local Oxfam shop (Half Moon Lane)

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