Dan Levitas

New meditation classes at Brockwell Lido Thurs 7-8pm

It has been a long, long time since the Lido complex has offered a straight meditation session ... let alone an affordable one. I'd peg that back to Western Order "dana" (generosity) bowl Buddhist meditation in the days BEFORE the Lido refurb. The kind of participatory session where people paid what they could and if they couldn't, brought in biscuits for the halftime tea break ... and if they couldn't do that, helped set up and serve the tea from the huge electric tea pot and helped clear off cushions. Meditation is finally back at the Lido and affordable and happening Thursday evenings 7-8 in Whippersnappers. This session isn't run like those in long-gone Western Order days but has a similar kind of vibe, thanks to Dan Levitas who leads it. The Whippersnappers space exudes calm with controlled lighting. Dan takes everyone through instruction - equal measures of science and ritual - before setting off to sea. And at the end he's almost too embarrassed to remind people "it's a fiver, so I can pay for the space." Reinvent your Thursday nights down the Lido! Questions? Ring Dan on 07944 812 943


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