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Cycling related pain


With an increasing number of people cycling there is a proportional increase in people experiencing pain while they are on their bikes!

Factors influencing cycling related pain

Bike fitting

During one hour of cycling, a rider may average up to 5,000 pedal revolutions. This repetitive movement can highlight and exploit the smallest imbalance in the positioning of a cyclists body leading to pain.

Poor positioning can lead to overloading various anatomical structures both directly or in directly.

Herne Hill Velodrome Welcomes Disabled Cyclists

South London's iconic track cycling venue experienced a first last Friday 24th February: trike cyclists, handcyclists, side-by-side tandem cyclists, enjoying the thrill of cycling at the Herne Hill Velodrome! This was made possible by British Cycling's re-surfacing of the banked track, last August, which included the addition of a 3.6m wide, flat strip, enabling others than 2 wheeler race-cyclists to ride at Herne Hill.


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