Census survey for Herne Hill

The 2011 Census


As residents already know, and the Census will soon confirm, Herne Hill is a colourful and vital place packed with folk from everywhere, droves of students, and of course plentiful Jedi Warriors.  It also has some curious anomalies – like a slightly declining population, and unusually high numbers of people who’ve benefitted from higher education. 



What is less known, is that Lambeth, Southwark and other London boroughs were so undercounted last time round, that they missed out on millions of pounds in government grants.  This time round the Office of National Statistics calculates that each person who doesn’t return their form costs a borough over £600 in lost income.



Park Rangers - what you can do to help save the service


Saving the Lambeth Rangers Service


At the Lambeth Parks and Green Spaces Forum on Tuesday February 15, it was agreed to send a petition to Lambeth Council to ask it to save the rangers, to be presented next Wednesday February 23 at the big meeting where the Council decides on the cuts.


If want to join in, please send me an email ( saying:


"I subscribe to the Lambeth Parks and Green Spaces Forum petition to Lambeth Council to retain the Park Rangers Service."


Don't forget your Lambeth address!


We need this ASAP - the petition has to be with the Council by end of play today (Friday)

Save Our Lollipop Men and Women - Sit in Protest









OUTSIDE ST JUDE’S C. E. PRIMARY SCHOOL, REGENT ROAD SE24 (off Dulwich Road opposite Lido)



Lambeth is axing its provision of Lollipop men and women throughout the borough. This is an ill-thought out, short-sighted, money-saving scheme that puts our children’s lives in danger. Lambeth primary schools must come together and fight this measure.


Cuts to speech and language therapists in Southwark

As a local resident and as a Speech and Language
Therapist working for the NHS I am supporting the protest against cuts in our
service. Today 23 speech and language therapists have been on strike.



A third of speech and language therapists who work with
children are being made redundant in Southwark . We have set up an online
petition that we want people to sign this is at


and we also would love to have messages of support from
the public to



Kind Regards



Park Rangers fight to maintain their service


Posted on behalf of the Park Rangers


The Park Rangers would just like to thank you for your support at this stressful
and uncertain time and throughout the history of the Park Ranger
Service , you have been one of our most staunch allies and it has been
a privelege to serve you and the wider Brockwell Park community ,
please lend us your support with our campaign that we have begun at - and search Lambeth Park Ranger Service , also at
, once again thank you for your help and support and we hope we can enjoy
more of it in the future.


Lambeth Park Rangers

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