10 things that are wrong with the Culture2020 proposals for libraries

Actually there are many more than just 10 things wrong with Lambeth Council's proposals to close 2 libraries and cease funding another 3 (including the Carnegie) The following are just some of the more obvious issues:


1. The aims talk about "affordable" facilities for well-being and culture -  perhaps they mean "affordable" in the sense of "affordable housing" - at 80% of the market cost, this is hardly affordable by the people who have the greatest need. Whatever happened to free public services and libraries? Free public libraries have been recognised as a great social benefit for 150 years.



2. They will create a £10m endowment fund from the sales of the Minet and Waterloo libraries, to "promote literacy and the love of reading". This fund is supposed to replace the library budget for the 3 libraries (including the Carnegie) whose council funding will be stopped in 2016. But nowhere is it stated that the fund will actually be ringfenced for these libraries. Instead it will "support charities, social enterprises and community groups in Lambeth".

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