Herne Hill Society magazine (issue #129) now online

You can now read Herne Hill (issue #129), the magazine of the Herne Hill Society, online via high resolution and zoomable scans. Stories include "New Ideas for the Half Moon," "Combating Crime in Brockwell Park," notes on the English Heritage award for restoration of the Brockwell Park clocktower, a review of the Lost Effra Project (community-based water management strategy launched by London Wildlife Trust and commissioned by DEFRA and the Carnegie UK Trust) and Shelley Silas recounts the Fun Palace at the Lido. View at:

Brockwell Park Watch

Hello everyone,


I'm am writing to inform you about the above.  It'a a voluntary organisation with the object of combatting crime, vandalism and ASB in the Park.  It has been on the stocks for a couple of years, but is now beginning to have substance.


There are now metal plaques at the entrances of all Brockwell Park entrances with phone numbers and an e-mail address as follows:


ASB phone 0207 926 4000

Police Non-Emergency 101

Police Emergency 999 - for any concern not covered by the above.  All information or comment gathered here will be forwarded to the Herne Hill Police SNT team.


Herne Hill Crimestoppers on Twitter?

Crimestoppers for Herne Hill? Twitter page established this week for Herne Hill is @HHmuggings ( … in the past few hours thefts have been reported on this page (as yet no muggings). First post, Aug 1st, mission statement: "There is a group of muggers terrorising Herne Hill. This account will highlight their activities and warn when they are out and about." Real deal or passing fancy? Time will tell. In any case, be aware.

Herne Hill Crime update

From Herne Hill SNT.

Just wanted to keep you up to date with wants going on in Herne Hill,


There has been 6 burglaries in the last 2 weeks. 50% drop when compared to the previous 2 weeks.

Crime figures and report for Lambeth Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators

The report from the Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators is out. Herne Hill burlgaries have been causing problems and personal theft has hit record highs.

Download the full report here

Lambeth Neighbourhood Watch advice

Dear All,

A large number of laptops are stolen everyday from individuals in a street, vehicles or in burglaries.  It is apparent that not many owners have taken any precautions to protect their property in any way, even though the computers hold lots of personal data and important documentation either personal or work.


In order to assist police in returning stolen items to their owners, can I please ask that you register all your property that has a make model and serial number on the free national mobile property register Immobilise which the police check property against.


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