New CPZ in Herne Hill brings chaos to local residents



Kestrel Avenue - Thursday afternoon.



Shardroft Road - Thursday afternoon.



Gubyon Avenue - Thursday afternoon



Gubyon Avenue - Thursday afternoon


Thanks to Lambeth Council, a bad parking situation in Herne Hill is turning into a nightmare, for two streets in particular – Gubyon Avenue and Fawnbrake Avenue.  


Herne Hill CPZ Consultation report

Following on from various meetings Lambeth sent out additional questionnaires regarding the proposed changes to the CPZ in the Herne Hill, Milkwwod Road, Herne Hill Road, Denmark Hill area. The full report is available here.

Controlled Parking Zone for Herne Hill/Milkwood Road area - updates

Yesterday evening there was a meeting for stakeholders involved in the proposed extension to the CPZ for Herne Hill.


The Lambeth Transport and Highways department wanted to discuss the results from the second round of consultation about extending the CPZ currently in the north of the area further down south towards the station.


Unfortunately Lambeth Transport and Highways department failed to provide any of the results information prior to the meeting and did not have any spare copies of how the voting had gone at the meeting.


Of the two copies of the results that were available (one had been obtained specifically by e local resdient callling up the Transport Department and requesting the information) it was apparaent that some of the statistics on percentatges in favour or against for individual roads didn't actually add up correctly. Lambeth Transport and Highways have promised to go back and check their addition and issue the full corrected results. We will post them here for downloading as soon as they are available.


CPZ's where are they going?

Amidst the news of savage council cuts, it was to be expected that local authorities would try to claw back some of the cash they’re losing. Nevertheless, Lambeth’s steep hikes in its charges for parking permits have sparked outrage.

With reason: January’s 30 per cent hike in the cost of a resident’s permit for an average family car, to £149.50 a year, makes them the most expensive resident permits for comparable cars of any London borough.


That’s more than Westminster, notoriously aggressive on parking (£115 if you pay online) or well-heeled Kensington and Chelsea (up to £110 for cars with medium-level emissions). And the cost of the Lambeth permit has risen almost 150 per cent since 2006.


Other Lambeth parking permits have soared in price too: business permits now cost £600, while doctors’ parking permits almost quadrupled in cost this year, to £400. On-street parking fees have risen to £3/hour.


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