Helen Hayes MP: "Events of 40,000 people are simply too large to be accommodated in Brockwell Park.."

"Events of 40,000 are simply too large to be accommodated in Brockwell Park without unacceptable consequences for both residents and the environment in the park." Helen Hayes MP

Whilst Chukka Umunna MP uncritically passes on Lambeth Events Team statements, Helen Hayes MP has made her position fairly clear. In an emailed response to residents who expressed concerns about the poorly consulted proposals, she said:

Green Spaces Consultation

The Environment Committee of the London Assembly is investigating how to organise best practice models of green space governance and management with acknowledgement of the benefits of green space on a social and economic benefits for Londoners, but at a time of renewed cuts in local authority budgets. This means the quality and accessibility of our green spaces, and their associated benefits, are now at risk. The key, as funding is decreasing, is to become even more sustainable.

Carnegie Project - last call for your views


The exhibition of  architects’ outline options will be taken down after today (Wednesday 17th December).

However you can still complete our questionnaire and/or submit your views until Saturday 3rd January 2015.

Paper copies of the questionnaire, illustrated leaflet and accompanying Q&A are in the library.


Online questionnaire:


PDF questionnaire and all other consultation papers: 


Ruskin Park Stable Block Consultation

The Future of the libraries is in our hands.....

Dear all

Cooperative libraries consultation

As you know, we are working in Lambeth to develop the library service for everyone in the borough. During last year, we set up a Libraries Commission to consider the future of Lambeth libraries. I would like to thank the Friends, and everyone who contributed ideas and suggestions. We have used all this feedback and are now consulting on a whole range of proposals.

We want to work with you, and with other Lambeth residents and organisations, to deliver a library service for Lambeth that is really excellent. Our journey to becoming a cooperative council is about giving people the power to decide how things are run and who runs them.

Please do take part in this next stage of consultation, and let us know what you want from Lambeth’s library service. I look forward to working with you.

Yours sincerely

Jo Cleary

Executive Director

Lambeth Adults’ and Community Services


How can people get involved?

2nd & last open meeting re gym refurb at Lido, Sun. Jan 15th, 2pm, Studio 1

14 Jan: Another important gym refurb meeting tomorrow - another (perhaps last) chance to get in your shout! This will be held at 2pm in studio 1, but as the location could change in case of activity scheduling conflict, check at reception upon arrival. This is an important meeting and "bums on seats" are crucial, esp those of regular users. There was a meeting on Weds (see photos below) which produced a good turnout with Lido manager Clare Motton presiding, but we're all hoping for better this time. Fusion have tabled two gym refurb plans which were on display at the meeting and have been posted on this forum as well. They have been taking email consultation on which is best - but reaction has been lacklustre so far. It appeared as though one plan or the other would simply be adopted, fait accompli, but thanks to Giles of Herne Hill Forum, who initiated argument for one more meeting to review Fusion's choice before implementation, it will not be done and dusted after tomorrow. But it is crucial that as many people as possible come along to have a say.


There will be an important meeting at the Lido led by facility manager Clare Motton tomorrow evening re planned refurb of the gym and spa areas. This may also involve gym gear replacement. If you care about the gym or spa or both, we hope you can attend. Among topics to be discussed will be the refurb plans Fusion has put forward and these include two alternative floor layouts which have been posted up at the Lido as drawings. See below for the proposal from Clare Motton as well as the drawings. Possibly also to be discussed will be the sort of comments Fusion received in time for their 8th January email/public consultation via Tara Harris which the proposal doc refers to. So if you didn't get your comments in on time, you may well still have a chance to speak up.


See you there! Sorry for the early-ish hour but hoping for a strong turnout all the same.

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