cold water

Team Brockwell win medals in Poland

Brockwell Swimmers traveled to Poland to take part in the Fourth International Winter Swimming Championships. This year’s venue was the beautiful and historic port of Gdansk with the 25 metre course positioned at the marine in the centre of town.

Brockwell Lido Cold Water Swimming Gala in pictures!

Brockwell Lido held its first annual Cold Water Swimming Gala today (Sunday Feb 8th) and it was a great success! Races, relays, cakes and costumes … there were even hot tubs served up with hot drinks poolside! Pictured (clockwise from top left): relay swimming, Dalek swimming hat, the winning cake and other treats, hot drinks and hot tubs, everyone after the swim! Congratulations to Tara and her team for a wonderful celebration. And respect to all the brave swimmers. And thanks to the cake makers • Photos by Yvonne Levy

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