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Free Homeopathy Workshop at Brockwell Lido on May 20th

Herne Hill homeopath Kate Burnett will be doing a free homeopathy workshop at Brockwell Lido on Friday, May 20th, from 1-2.30pm. The issues covered on this occasion will be Childhood Illnesses. This session is designed to help parents, carers and anyone with an interest in Homeopathy to prescribe for common childhood illnesses. Generally speaking, these are acute systemic ailments and while the workshop is of primary utility for children, some of the ground being covered will be useful for adults as well.


Kate lives in Herne Hill and runs free homeopathy workshops once a month at the Lido. She specializes in childbirth and homeopathy and childhood illnesses. She also takes private patients at home on Railton Road as well as at the Awareness Centre (Clapham) and Whole Foods in Lavender Hill (Battersea).


Kate believes that homeopathy plays a vital role in assisting us to find balance in our lives and helps us deal with modern stress. She got interested in homeopathy as a teenager to help her find alternative means of dealing with chronic illness.

Kate's a regular Lido swimmer and loves walking in Brockwell Park!


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