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Roger Humble's Jazz Band in Brockwell Hall Sunday 23rd

Roger Humble's Band is a Jazz Quartet with Latin and African influence and will be playing Brockwell Hall this Sunday 3 - 5.30pm.

Reminder about the Starfish Breakfast Run this Sunday the 23rd!

It's not too late to sign up to be part of a fantastic running event this Sunday at the Starfish Breakfast Run, whilst also helping to make a difference to the 25,000 children that Starfish supports -


also more info from the Starfish FB page:


The Lambeth Country Show this weekend, 15 & 16 September!

Roll up for the Lambeth Country Show this weekend! You can see our previous post on this, with all the acts & timetable info:

As of Weds at dusk, the main stage had been wheeled into position in front of the spa at the Lido (pictured below). Weather's meant to be nice at the weekend, esp on Saturday!

Next Brockwell Park bat walk Sept 8th

There will be another Brockwell Park batwalk on Sat. Sept 8th. Just like the last one, starting at the clock tower at 7:15pm, then going down to the ponds. Dr Iain Boulton will again lead - he's both very interesting and very well-informed. And tremendously fun! He'll again bring bat detectors (highly sensitive high-frequency microphones and amplifiers) for people to use.

Completed Shane Green Olympic wood sculptures in Brockwell Park

With the Paralympics nearly upon us and given the previous mention we have given him on this forum, it seems appropriate to show you what Shane Green delivered with his chainsaw wood sculpture work in Brockwell Park during the Olympics. You'll recall Brockwell Park was one of 9 London parks Green chose to work in for his "Olympic trail". In Brockwell Park he created one sculpture for Gymnastics and one for Sailing. These are well worthwhile taking a walk to and checking out. You can find Gymnastics up by the tennis courts and Sailing is located by the ponds. But if you can't be bothered you can see them both in the photo composite here.




Lido pool shuts @ 4pm on Weds Aug 29 for 'Lost Boys' outdoor cinema screening set up

Open air cinema at Lido by Luna, Wednesday 29th August, will feature The Lost Boys, which the the film users voted in. Doors open 6.30pm | Performance starts 8pm | Tickets: £12.50


But appears to be sold out right now so if keen, watch their website to see if anything frees up.


Please note that as a consequence of this screening, the Lido pool will shut early at 4pm, so Luna can set up.

38th annual Lambeth Country Show, Sept 15th & 16th


It looked to be dead in April - Lambeth Council seemed set on cancelling this year's Country Show. But people in Lambeth were irate and took to social media in protest (see: Then VOILA! it is back and perhaps because of decision-making delays your 38th annual Lambeth Country Show returns to Brockwell Park at a new time in September! Highlights over the weekend are to include live music from two music stages, sheep dog displays, horse jousting, flower and vegetable competitions, farm animals and best in breed shows, dogs jumping through fire and riding on bikes, delicious food and much more.




Your 2012 MAIN STAGE music line-ups:

Brockwell Park Bat Walk - Thursday 23rd August 2012

Brockwell Park Bat Walk!

Meet 7:45pm at the Clock Tower and we'll all walk down to the ponds where the bats will be waiting for us. Wear sensible shoes and dress for the weather. Children are welcome, but no dogs please.

The walk will take about an hour and will be led by Dr Iain Boulton who is bats about bats! Last year's walk was completely fascinating.


Iain will bring bat detectors (highly sensitive high-frequency microphones and amplifiers) for you to use.




Shane Green creating Olympics chainsaw sculpture in Brockwell Park

correction on this item:

Shane's BP appearances mistakenly listed as Wed/Thurs 9th & 10th when it is Wed/Thurs 8th & 9th

Starfish Breakfast Run & Picnic 2012 - Brockwell Park, 23rd September

The 'Breakfast Run of Hope' happening in Brockwell Park in September was 'cooked up' by Catherine Weight, a South African living in London who combines her twin passions - baking and running - for an event that's "appealing and fun while raising money for a great cause". Catherine began by baking for friends' birthdays and other special occasions in return for donations to Starfish. Then, wanting to reach out to a larger group of donors than expat South African friends, she went on to organise a half-marathon and raise money for a place in the London Marathon for Starfish.

The Starfish Breakfast Run 2012 hopes to raise around £10,000 for children in South Africa.

See more info at:


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