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Brockwell Lido Fun Palace is tomorrow, Oct 5th

Ready or not, rain or shine, here it comes! The temperature is rising for Fun Palace day at the Lido! The Brockwell Lido Fun Palace is tomorrow Sunday Oct 5th. Image from BL Fun Palace organiser @shelleysilas on Twitter: "Almost complete ...@BLIDOFUNPALACE #funpalaces @Brockwell_Lido".

You can see Fun Palace pictures from around the country on Instagram using the hashtag search #FunPalaces • For more information about the Lido Palace:

Fun Palace comes to Brockwell Lido in October!

In 1961, theatre director Joan Littlewood and architect Cedric Price had an idea to create a fun palace. This could be a ‘laboratory of fun’ where the community might learn and participate. Their brainstorm never materialised but as a tribute to the concept and in Littlewood's centenary year, well over 100 Fun Palaces will be sprouting up across the UK on the same weekend. And Herne Hill gets one - Brockwell Lido becomes a Fun Palace on Oct. 5th!  So if you always wanted to swim with mermaids, paddle in a kayak, learn sign language, hear spooky stories, be a Bishop in a human chess game … and much more … this Herne Hill Fun Palace is for you.  Visit the Fun Palace site:  Watch the BBC News clip which features Lido Fun Palace organiser Shelley Silas:


Brockwell Lido's Luna film finale is a People's Choice - The Goonies!

The Luna Cinema's final poolside movie at Brockwell Lido for this season is on Sept 18th with the film selected by a public vote! Couldn't screen JAWS again - both screenings about a month apart sold out! This year's finale is 1985's The Goonies, from a Steven Spielberg story, featuring a young Josh Brolin and even younger Sean Astin. It was chosen from a shortlist including Cocktail, Teen Wolf, Coming To America and Big. Premium inflatable dinghy tickets are sold out but otherwise admission still available as of today.


Lido carpark monitoring system goes live April 1st

Fusion has announced that the new carpark monitoring system at the Lido will go live on April 1st. It will operate via an automatic number plate recognition. Not an April Fool's line! Read more in the Fusion Lido news section:

International Women's Day at the Lido, Sat. March 8th

Fusion are offering women free swim, gym, classes on Saturday, March 8th for International Women's Day! If you've never been, a great chance to check it out. If a member, bring your female friends!

Camera-controlled Brockwell Lido carpark set to start

Brockwell Lido carpark shakeup in store soon! Signage already in place for new camera-controlled parking restrictions, so read up before you take off leaving car behind - fines will be substantial!

Children’s Acrobatic and Capoeira classes in Whippersnappers at Brockwell Lido

Acrobatics Classes are led by The Mighty Wanderer Acrobat with Cate Mason and they take place after school on Tuesdays in Whippersnappers at Brockwell Lido. Classes are suitable for 5–13 year olds and are spilt into Beginners, Intermediate and Advance Levels. To register your child please ring 0207 738 66 33. Capoeira Classes (Brazilian Martial Arts) are led by Fabio Gomes and assisted by Annaliese Garratt. Suitable for 5-11 year olds. Also ring 0207 738 66 33 to book a place/get more info about next course

'Lido' - BBC Modern Times doc from 1995!

For what seems like an eternity it has been impossible to view Lucy Blakstad's 1995-96 BBC Modern Times documentary about Brockwell Lido, online. Only excerpts have been available. Till now! Jason Cobb, frequent BLU Tweeter, photographer and blogger (, has sourced a Vimeo post of the Blakstad doc in its entirety! Unmissable stuff ... a real slice of life from another era when we had nighttime swims combined with poolside BBQs.

Watch 'Lido' here:

Jazz at the Lido this Saturday the 14th

Swim or lounge or have a meal to the sounds of the South London Jazz Orchestra when they play the Lido on Sat. Sept. 14th, 5-7pm. See adjacent poster. Some tix may be available on the door or email for bookings:

Lido "open all day" for swimming this week due to fine weather

Brockwell Lido has just announced that the lido will be open for swimming "all day this week due to the lovely sunny weather." That's good news as staggered hours had been planned. This means continous swimming from opening to closing - which this week is 7:15pm (last ticket 6:45pm). Fusion plans to close 15 mins earlier each week through the end of the month. So get in your swims while the going's good. Late yesterday water temperature was 21 C late in the day, which is comfortable even without a wetsuit of any description.


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