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A new Swimmers Club for Brockwell

Brockwell Swimmers announce the formation of a new inclusive club for lovers of all things Lido.

Having organised several successful events at Brockwell Lido, Brockwell Swimmers have now formed a club, ratified a constitution, formed a committee, opened a bank account, and now look forward to planning more aquatic fun for 2016. To register a FREE membership just visit the web site at

Make a Splash for Brockwell

Brockwell Swimmers have again been invited to enter a team for the annual Tooting Lido Heron Invitation Gala happening Sunday 20th March. The race is for all abilities and the distance is only one width. With our honour at stake this is surely a challenge we cannot refuse.

Brockwell Lido Swimmers racing at Tooting Bec Lido

FREE Brockwell Calendar 2016

Brockwell lido calendar 2016To celebrate their first year, Brockwell Swimmers have produced a FREE calendar to download and print.

Whippersnappers Half Term Playscheme

Whippersnappers October Half Term

Look Who's Coming to Brockwell Lido Fun Palace 4th October!

We're lucky enough to have two members of Yorkshire Life Aquatic, Dry Land Synchronised Swimming team.

They'd love you to join them, in cossies or not!  You're guaranteed to have a fun time & you won't even get wet!

Three sessions, all free.  Come for the day.  All food at the Lido Cafe and hut half price on the day.

More Water Polo Madness at the Lido

Caitlin Davies Reads at the Lido Cafe 27th July.

The inspirational Caitlin Davies will be reading from her excellent book Down Stream (reviewed earlier) at the Lido Café on Monday 27th July, 7pm to 8pm. Free entry on a first come basis. Signed copies of the book will also be available for purchase care of Herne Hill Books.

Water Polo arrives at Brockwell with a Splash.

Brockwell Lido’s first Water Polo evening held Tuesday 7th July proved to be a great success. The event attracted a wide variety of swimmers; some experience in the game, and others complete novices like myself.

Brockwell Water Polo Evening

Brockwell Water Polo Evening
Tuesday 7th July 8pm

Brockwell Swimmers are holding a fun Water Polo Evening at Brockwell Lido on Tuesday 7th July, 8pm to 9pm. The emphasis will be very much on fun, rather than competition and all ages and swimming abilities are welcome.

Goals, Balls and Hats are kindly being loaned from the Croydon and Guildford Water Polo clubs, who will also teach us the basics of the sport. Once we've got to grips with that we'll then have a go at playing some games. Prizes for the winning team.


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