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Brockwell Water Polo this Summer

Brockwell Swimmers will be running four Water Polo evening sessions this Summer, 8pm to 9pm (after the pool closes) at the deep end of the lido. These aquatic antics will take place on Tuesday 31st May, Thursday 16th June, Tuesday 28th June and Tuesday 26th July.

Sessions are being led by the firm-but-fair coach Jim who last year somehow managed to transform a bunch of beginners into semi-convincing Water Polo players. Miracles can happen! These sessions are definitely for fun, rather than competition and all ages and abilities are welcome.

Get fit for Summer 2016

Local business are supporting the new Brockwell Swimmers club by offering a discount scheme to promote health and fitness to the Herne Hill community. Bon Velo, Dulwich Fitness, Fison Fitness, Health Hub and Intersport Herne Hill are offering 10% discount to Brockwell Swimmer card holders (FREE membership can be registered at

Synch or Swim?

Synchronised swimming returns to Brockwell Lido on Wednesday 4th May, 7pm to 8pm. You can book a block of 4 weeks at £40, or pay-as-you-go at £13 a session.

As well as being great fun, it’s a wonderful way to get fit and a tan at the same time.

There is also the option of arriving early at 6:30pm for a pool-side warm up to get your muscles ready for your aquatic work-out.

Lessons ends on 31st August and the team may be asked to do a short display for the Brockwell Summer Races in July.

Taking on Tooting

Last Sunday Brockwell Swimmers were invited to compete at Tooting’s annual Heron Cup Relays which, like last year, proved to be fun, slightly chaotic, super friendly… and cold!

Yago waits for the gun at the Tooting gala

Concern about 'Brockwell Swimmer' club proposal

I originally wrote the message below as a comment on the story about a new Swimmers Club for Brockwell. Rather than answer the points I make, the author, ‘the Brockwell Swimmer’, unpublished the original story, which had the effect of making my comment disappear. He failed to address the serious concerns about the new club he is proposing to set up and has disabled the comment facility. So concerned am I about the situation, that I am writing this in my own right.

A new Swimmers Club for Brockwell

Brockwell Swimmers announce the formation of a new inclusive club for lovers of all things Lido.

Having organised several successful events at Brockwell Lido, Brockwell Swimmers have now formed a club, ratified a constitution, formed a committee, opened a bank account, and now look forward to planning more aquatic fun for 2016. To register a FREE membership just visit the web site at

Make a Splash for Brockwell

Brockwell Swimmers have again been invited to enter a team for the annual Tooting Lido Heron Invitation Gala happening Sunday 20th March. The race is for all abilities and the distance is only one width. With our honour at stake this is surely a challenge we cannot refuse.

Brockwell Lido Swimmers racing at Tooting Bec Lido

FREE Brockwell Calendar 2016

Brockwell lido calendar 2016To celebrate their first year, Brockwell Swimmers have produced a FREE calendar to download and print.


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