Sustainable Eating Cookery Workshops: Ollie's Fitness Kitchen

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Oliver Roberts
Sustainable Eating Cookery Workshops: Ollie's Fitness Kitchen

Confidently cook in your own home by preparing fresh ingredients and learning the nutritional benefits of healthy cookery.

We will prepare seasonal dishes from our favourite recipes in your kitchen.

  • Improve your food knowledge

  • Confidence in cookery

  • Understand how to eat sustainably

  • Save money

  • Reduce food waste

Ideal for newbies in the kitchen and busy people looking for quick and easy ideas for hectic lifestyles.

The classes take place at your home for up to three family members, for yourself or your friends gathered for my interactive nutrition and cookery lesson.

Choose from the following classes:

  • Batch cooking recipes

  • Healthy energy snacks

  • Budget-friendly dishes

​From £60 per class.  All ingredients are sourced from local suppliers and recipes included.

To book or for more information, email or call 07912 378 725.  Visit to see my other services including garden personal training and online nutrition coaching.