Students wanting odd-jobs and casual work now in Herne Hill

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Roman Bolton
Students wanting odd-jobs and casual work now in Herne Hill

Hi Herne Hill locals!

My name is Roman, I’m a recent biological sciences graduate from the University of Southampton and have lived in the Herne Hill area since I was born.

As a student, money is always a problem, I experienced this throughout my 3 years, and countless others have exactly the same problem.

In an attempt to address this, I have started a small local business called Student Workers UK. I want to connect ‘unskilled’ students local to our area of South London to casual jobs that people like you need doing!

You could have a garden that needs a once-over, a pile of flat-pack furniture that has been sitting there since the beginning of lockdown or some time-consuming filing that you need help with. Whatever it is, if you need it done but don’t have time yourself then consider hiring a local student to give you a hand.

Prices range between £12 - £15 per hour depending on the location and style of the job, so while that isn’t an expensive rate for hire, it is significantly more than a typical student will make in an average bar or restaurant summer job!

We are also COVID secure, making a conscious effort to stay clean and safe during these trying times.

If you have something you would like doing, get in touch via my new website and we can talk more about how it works!

Visit and click on ‘find me a student’ to fill out the form to allow me to get back in contact with you!


Roman B