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Roman Bolton

Hello all!

I represent a body of students and young people from Herne Hill who are interested in carrying out odd-jobs over the summer.

If you need something doing that you haven't got round to, that perhaps doesn't require a professional contractor, then please consider contacting us! Whether it's a bit of manual labour, cleaning, or childcare, we can guarantee we have someone that has the necessary experience to help you, and will carry out the job responsibly.

All of the students on our books have carried out countless services in Herne Hill (references available), such as:

Childcare, Manual Labour (Gardening, Moving heavy furniture etc), Catering Services, Tech Support, Cleaning and Dog-Walking.

Students are home from university for the holidays or have just finished their A-Levels, they all need to make some money to help them last the summer. They are easy to communicate with, have reasonable rates and will be grateful for the work.

Whether you need something doing, or if you just want to hear what the project is about and the reasons behind it, drop me an email at, and I'll be happy to tell you more about how it works.

Thank you so much,

Roman Bolton


Zoology Student at The University of Southampton

Roman came to clear my garden

Roman came to clear my garden this weekend, so we can get out for a bit of water fun in this heat.

He arrived first thing, which was great, and set about weeding and tidying everything up (with the possibly unwanted help of my 2 year old!).

My neighbour saw him over the fence and booked him in there, and some collegues have now also requested his services in HH this week too.

Great time kepping, personable and efficient.  I'd use him again...


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