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Project Confusion
Street Art Project Enquiry

Hi Denmark Hill

I'm writing to you as I'm an art student currently studying for my foundation diploma at the University of the Arts London and would like to enquire about wall space in the borough that may be available to artists.

I am currently working towards my final project in March 2015 and will be undertaking a street art project to engage with the local community through public art. My aims and intentions with the project are to create a sense of empathy and understanding by exploring crisis in early adulthood. With my project well underway I am eagerly searching for wall space in the local community in order to enable my work to engage with the public.

From my research I have found that a number of similar projects have been successful in bringing together local communities in other boroughs and would appreciate the opportunity to enable my artwork to do the same. The projects have also been successful in bringing new people to the local area, which has seen a increase in business and trade.

Would it be possible to advise if anyone would be open to such a venture or would know anyone that might be open to the possibility of some delightful artwork gracing their property or business?

Please do get in touch if this is a possibility.

Yours Faithfully

Daniel Raymond – Project Confusion

Re: Street Art Project Enquiry

You could research the Seven Bridges project (under the Cambria Bridge near me are lovely mosaics) and the tunnels in Herne Hill station just for starters.

Project Confusion
Re: Street Art Project Enquiry

Thanks Lizzy,

I'll be sure to do that. Thanks for your interest and your support with my project! A limited edition print is coming to you once the project is complete! 

Daniel - Project:Confusion

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