Stolen bike - from inside building

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Kat Balou
Stolen bike - from inside building

Someone, described as a blonde man stole my Pinarello Treviso Hybrid from inside my building on Norwood Road at around 10pm on Saturday night.  My bike was behind a few others (some nicer) and they made an effort to move them to get to mine.  The bike is quite rare as the lady who originally bought it got it direct from the maker in Italy so highly unlikely that there will be others in London.  It needs some repairs to the gears which will cost around £400 so good luck to anyone who buys it!

Thought I'd post about it here in case any other bike users leave their bikes inside a locked building.  Make sure they are locked to something. It appears this person has been watching me come in and out of the building and was targeting my specific bike.

Picture is here

Pinarello Treviso hybrid

Re: Stolen bike - from inside building

Scary to think that they are targetting specific bikes!

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