Skilled and social teenager, looking for general work (16 Years old)

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Skilled and social teenager, looking for general work (16 Years old)

Hello to those reading this, before I begin I'd like to thank you for taking the time to appreciate the post, before I begin on the actual job enquiries, I'd like to mention, I'm a student who has sadly been referred outside of my previous school, it isn't a permanent exclusion, my school believe that I'm smart and thus want to take the grades that I get and display them to improve their statistics, but if I wasn't gifted academically, I would be in the position most commonly referred to as expelled. Yeah, in school, I used to strive to be the guy that had it all, but in doing so, I was ignorant, and stubborn, and ended up getting myself kicked out of school. I am an optimistic person, and I believe that you can't get out of a bad situation such as this, without thinking positively for the future. I'm looking to shape and tone that ugly "Permanently Excluded" tattoo'd onto my record, with more graceful things, such as a hard, dedicated worker, which I am proud to say I most definately am. But, enough of that. If you feel to ask more about this, I will tell you the ins and outs via email.

Contact me:

email :

Telephone : 02077373052

My skills are varied and basic, as of now I have no current qualifications, but have predicted grades of 12 a*'s for my GCSE's. I am looking for any type of work, looking for a pay of ideally £7.00 an hour, times can be arranged on weekdays of any time after 4pm until 10pm, and on weekends from 9am to 5pm. I have experience in working for courier services, delivering expensive products to factories, schools and various homes and leisure centers. I delivered a whole manner of things ranging from rolex watches to Macintosh computers. This went on for four weeks as voluntary work, during school holidays. I am 16 years of age and I have an aspiration to prove that I will not be a let down to society, and to prove to myself and my future family that if you work hard enough you can do it.

I am sorry for such an unspecified description of what I can do, but I'm extremely versatile, easy to get on with and have a love for being productive. If you have any enquiries, email me, or comment in this thread I suppose. I will get back as soon as possible, I answer my email every 5-15 minutes so that is the fastest way of contacting me. Thank you.