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Share our Exceptional Nanny

Posted by NDT Today, 01:22PM


Our truly exceptional nanny Caroline has been with us for six years now caring for our two boys who are now aged 4 and 6 and at school at Dulwich Village Infants. We currently share Caroline with another family who has a pre-school age child but unfortunately they are leaving London at the end of November. 

Caroline is fully qualified and a complete professional who somehow manages to remain unflustered at all times and be firm, fair and fun with the children in a way they respect and respond to. Our boys adore her. 
She is totally dependable and punctual to fault.   She has excellent manners which she has instilled in the children. 
She is full of energy and is always thinking of active things for the kids to do as well as being sociable and setting up frequent play dates.  
She organises a range of activities, taking them out to parks, museums, soft play and other classes whilst at home organising cooking, art, reading and games. She cooks a range of healthy foods for them and is frankly better than us at dealing with our slightly fussy eaters! 
She is a big part of our and our children’s lives and she has made many aspects of the past six years so easy, from returning to work initially through milestones like potty training and preparing for the independence needed at nursery and school. We couldn’t have asked for anyone better to look after our boys as babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers and consider ourselves very lucky to have found her. 

Caroline arrives at our house in North Dulwich at 7:45 and does our morning drop off at school and collects in the evening and looks after and feeds the children until we return from work at 6:30 / 7pm. 

If you have a pre-school age child and are looking for a nanny / childminder then why not consider a share? Your child would be the sole charge for most of the day with overlap at top and tail of the day. Depending on your required start time, you could drop off first thing or Caroline could collect after the school run or I'm sure we could be flexible and find some other workable arrangement. 

We are desperate to find a way to keep her so do please contact me if you would like to discuss.

Nanny Share

Hi All

We've had a few ad hoc arrangements but are still looking for the right permanent share.  If you might be interested then do drop me a line.

Hi Greg

Hi Greg

I am looking for someone 9 to 2 (roughly) 4 days a week in Herne Hill but not until June/July.

Your nanny really does sound amazing, please let me know if you are interested. My daughter  will be 1 year old in July.



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