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A bit about me...


Take a look at my website - a health and well-being business which promotes; weight management, natural health, beauty, sports performance and beauty products.  

I have always been into my healthy and active lifestyle, having completed the London Marathon (in a time I am very proud of - 3hours 28minutes!), played football (when I was a bit younger!), completed many runs from 5km to marathons and more recently completing a number of triathlons - when my husband Jamie I found out were going to have a new addition and start a family I decided to take the leap and start my own business.  I have become an independent distributor for Forever Living products which I know will be the perfect combination!


I was first introduced to the Forever Living products when I completed the Clean 9 detox this year.  I was so impressed with the detox I repeated it a few months later when I needed a healthy kick start!
The results were great so deciding to become a Forever Living Distributor was an easy choice – not only were the products amazing and produced great results for me but also with the opportunity to become my own boss and part of such an enthusiastic team I just had to do it. 


I am very excited about telling people about the great products that Forever offers and helping others to benefit from a healthy lifestyle too!  Check out my Facebook page too for more information


For a cleaner, leaner, healthier you

Losing weight is no easy feat, so beginning your healthy eating plan with a cleansing programme that provides quick, visible results can be a great way of keeping motivated to stick to it.  Forever’s Clean 9 programme allows you to see results in just nine days, giving you a push in the right direction, whilst cleansing your body for a truly fresh start.


How do our products fit into the market?

Forever has carefully designed a unique weight-loss programme, which fits perfectly into the modern weight management market. Consumers are now demanding more from dieting programmes. Not only do they want to be able to lose weight quickly and effectively, they want to be able to manage their weight in the long-term – and achieve this healthily. With this in mind, the products included in Forever’s weight management programme are made using the finest natural ingredients and help to cleanse the body of unnatural substances.


Two steps to success

The Forever Nutri-Lean Programme is a two-step process which combines a nine-day nutritional cleansing programme (Clean 9), followed by a long-term weight-loss plan (Nutri-Lean). The regime is easy to follow, is designed to cleanse the body of toxins and to help change eating habits for good.