Yoga & Meditation- Kundalini

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

I believe Yoga is revolutionary – it is inviting you to listen to your Self rather than the external rules you have been conditioned to follow – that say you should be this, have this, do this, look this way, or feel this way.  It is an invitation to listen to your Soul or Sat Nam (True Identity) that knows the path your heart truly desires.

Do you want to:
  • Find out who you really are and connect to your true source of happiness?
  • Become increasingly healthy, strong and radiant as you get older?
  • Take charge of your emotional balance with simple tools and let go of the old patterns running your life and deal with difficult relationships with grace?
  • Feel Beautiful, Blissful and Bountiful rather than stressed, depressed or confused?

You will have the tools from Kundalini Yoga to create health, happiness and wholeness by using simple breath work , postures, sound and meditation. And it is all accessible to beginners and more experienced yogis.

Beginners very welcome - a mat can be booked for your first class if you don't have one.

Classes are in West Dulwich in the beautiful All Saints church on Rosendale/Lovelace Rd.

Monday, 10.30-11.45am

Tuesday, 7-8.30pm

£10 taster class. Various price options and discounts available.