Professional gardening service

I am a professional gardener and a horticulturalist based in South East London.

I have been loving plants and gardening since ever, so when I moved to London I decided to challenge myself and set up my own gardening business.

I think the environment we live in needs to be safeguarded and protected.

That’s why I prefer to use organic practices to control weeds, pest and disease whenever possible.

I have been working in London for over 7 years now and I am proud to say that I established a solid client base and I have a strong reputation as a gardener.

I offer a wide range of services

Garden maintenance

Lawn care

Hedging and topiary


Weeding, pest and disease control

Planting and aftercare

Deck and patio jet washing

All aspects of maintenance at highest level

Garden design

Project management 

References available on request.

For any inquiry contact Totó on 0794 991 1635 or

1 Elmwood Road
SE24 9NU
Opening hours: 
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 8:00-18:00
Tuesday: 8:00-18:00
Wednesday: 8:00-18:00
Thursday: 8:00-18:00
Friday: 8:00-18:00
Saturday: 8:00-18:00