Tabitha Tarling Gardens

Beautiful, functional outside spaces for use all year round


I have been working as a professional garden designer for nearly a decade. I started life as an illustrator before re-training at Capel Manor College in Garden Design and Horticulture. I have since worked with many top London landscape architects and designers such as del Buono Gazerwitz and Charlotte Rowe, working across the UK and abroad, as well as on a award-winning Chelsea Flower Show garden in 2008. I started my own business in 2009.

I like to work closely with the client, providing guidance and specialist knowledge on materials, features and planting to achieve the garden they desire. I view every project as unique and like to bring a new, fresh approach to each, whilst making every effort to pay attention to detail and quality workmanship. I have worked with two or three teams of landscapers consistently over the years, who succeed in bringing my designs to life.

I particularly love plants and planting and can often be found at a specialist nursery excitedly scribbling down notes and taking photos.