Sue Hill Photography

Lifestyle Photographer

Hello Herne Hill,

I'm Sue.  I'm a firm believer in fostering close knit communities, and crystallizing life through photographs. I love the area of London I live in. I'm also a little nomadic, and have a giddy love affair with open skies.

Art and creativity have always held an important place in my life.  Since my journey with photography began, I have been incredibly lucky to have had the spectacular continents of Africa, North and South Americas and Europe as my backdrops. Not only have these backdrops provided unbelievably photogenic subjects, but they have been rich in stories, emotions, memories and heritage. Telling those stories is one of my main motivations for picking up my camera.

Let me capture a small slice of what is meaningful to you!  I strive to create elegant and striking images of those people, places, and things.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Herne Hill