Sia Academy For Ancient Egyptian Studies

Courses, classes, books and gifts relating to the ancient Egyptian body of knowledge

Sia Academy For Ancient Egyptian Studies offers lectures, courses, classes, Egyptian tours, books, software for the ancient Egyptian language - Medut-Netru (hieroglyphs), CDs, DVDs and video tapes relating to the ancient Egyptian body of knowledge. Egyptology is usually treated as the study of a ‘dead’ civilisation, suited only to an ancient race. In contrast, the Sia Academy teaches that the knowledge and traditions of the most advanced and enlightened civilisation in human history are equally applicable to society today.


Sia Academy courses introduce all aspects of the ancient Egyptian tradition, from philosophy, religion, history, language and natural medicine to mathematics, astrology and astronomy. The classes are complemented by practical instruction in the physical culture (stretching prayers, breathing prayers, posture prayers, power prayers, warrior prayers, sound prayers and glandular prayers) because the body was considered to be the temple housing the soul and so any form of self-development must start with the physical development.


Current courses and classes include:

  • Weekly stretching and martial arts class (adults): Mondays, 8-9pm (£20 per class or £75 per month)
  • Weekly Junior Sebek-Kha class (children aged 5-15 years): Saturdays, 2-3pm (£6 per class or £20 per month)
  • Foundation Course: Sundays, 2-6pm, starting 5th January, 2014
  • 10-day Intensive Course: August, 2014

Student rates also available.  For full details, please visit our website,


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