Yoga therapy and yoga classes for mental well-being-be calmer,mange stress better & learn neuroscience

Nathalie Mylan runs mindfulyoga classes for a healthy, flexible mind and body through breath work, yoga poses and mindfulness meditation with neuroscience. Notice how you feel better the next day!
 * Mylan mindful yoga classes Block book £80.00 for 10 or £10.00 drop in to calm and uplift the system with a theme each week.

During the classes you get information on how to regulate the nervous system including neuroscience, alleviating mental and physical symptons of stress, anxiety, depression ( including post natal) & PTSD as well as insomnia, tension and pain.

A booklet and Cd can be bought to accompany the sessions for more info and practice from home.

She also runs the 8 week Yoga for the mind course for stress, anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress (PTSD), which combine therapeutic support, breathing, poses/asanas, mindfulness meditation with the latest neuroscientific research.

Yoga for the mind 8 week course with Cd & book covering therapeutic skills, breathing, yoga practice and moving into meditation. £12.50 per hour= £200 for 8 weeks. Early bird £180.00

Classes are held from Yogapoint in Herne Hill, Brixton Hill & West Norwood.

Weekend workshops on varying themes including women's health, regulating the nervous system and various topics are being planned to run from Yoga point.

1:1 sessions are available in your own home, or from therapy rooms in Dulwich, Herne Hill, Victoria & West Norwood.

Sliding scale available including concessions to make it more affordable and accessible to all as highly beneficial.

Retreats also being planned for summer 2012.

See more on the website:, email:

or phone Nathalie on 07801 843047.