Mrs Tinks

Mrs Tinks designs, cooks and sells children’s fresh ready meals direct to parents, through retail outlets and cafe's

Mrs Tinks is a new food company, which designs, cooks and sells children’s fresh ready meals, that the whole family would like to eat; from the youngest toddler to grown-up family members. The Mrs Tinks range does not include any added sugar and salt and is full of tasty vegetables to make it a complete and easy meal.


The Mrs Tinks brand is for all kids and is not just aimed at very young, fussy eaters.


The meals are available through home delivery and at Romeo Jones Deli in Dulwich Village and Franklins Farm shop in Lordship Lane. You can also find Mrs Tinks on the menu at the Horniman Museum. For Full details of local HOME DELIVERY go to our new website at


The range includes:


Chicken Curry

Beef lasagne

Fish Pie

Spinach and Butternut Squash Lasagne.


All the meals come in 300g portions (enough for 1 hungry child or 2 little ones) and family size portions which are enough to feed a family of 4 / 5.


We have taken care using ingredients a parent would use at home, so relieving you of the guilt of not making every meal! With Mrs Tinks, parents can find nutritious, tasty meals that they would make for the whole family but just don't have the time to prepare themselves.


For more information about home delivery in your area and retailers that stock Mrs Tinks please email me at