The Mind Body and Soul Coach Kathy Yvanovich

PT, Life Coach, NLP and PsychK Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher, Zumba Instructor

Rev yourself up? or Relax..?  

Hi, I'm Kathy, and I specialise in getting people to honour their values, reach goals, make dreams happen, heal from uncomfortable stuff and tension, and generally look after themselves better.  With our isolated living due to COVID-19, you can meet me over WhatsApp videocall, phone and email.

Whether you want to find the body you know is lurking within you; increase your motivation and confidence; smile more; dissolve the blocks and issues of yesteryear; stop bad habits; start new hobbies or pick one up again; change the way you think; see ahead with clarity and focus; cleanse your aura, balance your chakras and allow your meridians to flow...  YOU CAN!

MOVEMENT to improve your body and mood

FOOD AND DRINK advice to suit your palate

fast track BEHAVIOUR CHANGE techniques

Get from Stuck to Progress to Winning

Bust phobias, Eradicate bad habits, Eject old outworn beliefs

MOTIVATION at every stage

CONFIDENCE as you experience your goals

FEEL GOOD naturally with an organic approach

ACCELERATE progress with POSITIVE thinking techniques

SUPERHEAL and REJUVENATE your inner smile

For the time being, I am taking appointments via WhatsApp videocall, rather than in person.

Fully insured.  Personal Fitness Trainer, Reiki Master Teacher (energy healing and attunement Courses) (member of UK Reiki Federation and Reiki Membership Association USA), NLP Practitioner, Psych-K(r) Practitioner, Life Coach (member of INLPTA and see me on the Life Coach Directory), confidence for Presentation (Drama: LLAM Hons), motivation, natural diet/weight management, Zumba dance fitness Instructor (I teach at Dulwich Leisure Centre, or did until the virus happened!), Yoga Instructor (member of Yoga Alliance). Being 60+ I've had the time to follow my dreams!  Over 25 years professional experience in exercise, dance, performance, slimming & personal fitness; and over 10 years in wellness coaching, stress management, habit & belief change techniques, and energy healing.  

Info / Prices    Call/email  me to discuss your needs!

wishing you peace, love and light.



J, Civil Servant : "I would like to say thank-you for helping me realise what is important to me, and help me move forward leaving my past behind." (Life Coaching, NLP, kinaesiology muscle testing and healthy living advice)

Busy working mother wanted to cut out chocolate, takeaway junk food and cakes from her diet. Done! This has had a positive impact on bloating, IBS, skin, and energy levels.

 A client wanted to reduce 3 cups of coffee a day to 1 or none. After a short treatment, she reduced to 3 coffees a week or less. "Had one coffee since Friday!"

 B, Performing Artist : "After I saw you the other week, I felt energized, motivated invigorated and so inspired thank you so very much. I am glad I have found you and you are now officially my 'miracle coach' !!! ...very positive all round and inviting abundance into my life. On the same day I saw you I got myself a new job... and because I was so present and enthusiastic they offered me work there and then...:-) I have also met my 'partner' so it seems..."

"Kathy is an inspirational personal trainer. She gets the balance right between carrot and stick - getting you to work out longer and further than you'd perhaps imagine you could, to maximise the benefits." - D.Whistance
"The remarkable thing about Kathy's personal training sessions was how adaptable she was. When I was a pregnant mother, with a toddler, she would alter the class depending on whether we needed to be quiet for the sleeping child or outside. She was careful to monitor my changing needs as my pregnancy progressed, keeping me wonderfully, but safely, fit throughout. She even had me using my children as weights to lift!  We both really miss her now we are no longer in London." - R.Whistance.
Teenager needed to lose weight and start university looking and feeling better about her body than before. She successfully lost over5 stone in a year, naturally, and rightly proud of achieving her new figure and becoming a lovely shapely young lady with even more confidence than before.  (Personal Fitness, NLP and Reiki).
Lady Lawyer: "I shall never forget the difference you started to make with so much positive energy when I had been in the depths of despair. It is almost 2 years since I started the sessions with you and although it has taken time... I have continued to build myself back into the person I always knew I could be.."  (Personal Fitness, NLP, Coaching).
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Herne HIll
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Discounted prices for all services as all appointments are now by WhatsApp videophone or phone, not in person due to the virus. Distance Reiki to anyone, anywhere, any time; Life Coaching; NLP; PsychK; Meditation, mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, Reiki Experiences; Healing Spirit Attachment; Fitness exercise and Yoga. Please see for details. Call me when you're ready!