MAPS Family Mediation

Family Mediation

Myria Pieri, the founder of MAPS Family Mediation Services is an experienced Family Solicitor who has run her own Family Law practice, Myria Pieri & Co. for over thirteen years.

Family Mediation helps all people involved in family and relationship breakdown to work together in finding and agreeing to fairer solutions to the issues they face. A trained and impartial Family Mediator helps all involved parties through a voluntary process, in which all possible issues are raised and negotiated in a safe and neutral environment.

MAPS Family Mediation Services may be able to help you if…

    • You are having difficulty deciding what to do with regards to any children, property, finances, and other issues surrounding your relationship or family breakdown.
    • You or your ex- partner want to significantly reduce the legal costs involved in family separation.
    • You want to negotiate separation agreements more autonomously, rather than let the courts make important decisions for you at length.
    • You are seeking to reduce anxieties and resolve conflicts following the breakdown of your relationship.

MAPS Family Mediation Services offer both private and public funded mediation. 


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020 7642 3377
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