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We specialize in the design and build of large-scale home improvement projects for both residential and commercial clients based predominantly in South London and Surrey. We have been operating since 2006 and to date have delivered various projects ranging from altercations on an existing loft space to double storey extensions and full home refurbishments. 

We are family owned and run and wear our name with pride. The double-barreled ‘HamiltonWalters’ name started with Lenny himself, taking both his parents surnames into account. As a full-service construction company, we are able to manage every stage of a project from design and planning, through to build completion. We are always mindful of the wider impact of a building project but are also perfectionists for architectural detail and build quality, and consistently stay focused on the clients needs 

We at Hamilton Walters are fully confident we have all the necessary skills and experience required to complete your project from start to finish and offer free, no-obligation quotations. 

With a highly experienced and proven design team around us, including Architects, Engineers and Interior designers who work closely with our clients to create a design in line with every budget. We offer a holistic approach to your building work, guaranteeing a property that meets your needs and considers the cost as a whole rather than as individual services - something that can often be more expensive. 

We understand that our clients have different needs and visions for their home so you can trust Hamilton Walters to take these on board and design the perfect addition to your property. 

We specialise in a number of different services, ranging from carpentry and building services, to painting and decorating. Our team is built up of highly qualified individuals that are well experience in their field. Our company is built on trust and honestly, but most importantly we understand the value your home has to you. An untidy work place is not acceptable and is unsafe, and we take great pride in respecting and improving your property. 

We will be happy at some point for anyone who is interested in considering us as their builders to have a look at one of our previous projects, to show you how we work on a larger scale. This will also give you the opportunity to talk with a previous customer who has already been through the whole process. 
***Please PM me or alternatively email us to arrange for this. 


At the end of every project we will give our full Company Guarantee 
We also offer an insurance backed guarantee. 
Hamilton Walters Lofts & Extensions has full Insurance cover. 
• Employers Liability £2 Million 
• Public Liability £2 Million 

Email Address: info@hamiltonwalters.com 
Website:www.hamiltonwalters.com - (you can download our portfolio from here) 

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