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Your South East London door-to-door Personal Trainer We provide the very best personal training facilities and personal training services in London, individual and group sessions
We train in parks, gyms, gardens, houses and anywhere else you can think of! Our personal training sessions are tailored to give you ready level of guidance and motivation for the best results guaranteed. For anyone wanting to achieve higher levels of fitness, strength and endurance than you’ve ever had before – we are the people to come to. Our sessions involve a number of different exercises that are repeated at a frequency dependent on your particular fitness level. You set your own pace and interact with the trainers who run the sessions to establish a level that’s right for you.
GYM ON WHEELS is a South London-based personal training company consisting of a highly professional, experienced team of personal trainers. We keep up to date on all the latest techniques from the community as well as maintaining the highest standard of equipment.


GYM ON WHEELS delivers personal training and nutritional advice at any time and place, including your home, garden or office, or perhaps a nearby park or local gym.


GYM ON WHEELS treats every client with the highest care and understanding and provides both physical and mental support.


GYM ON WHEELS was created by Angel McKenzie - a leading personal trainer who has been specialising in mobile training, weight loss and toning for more than 15 years, creating highly effective methods and standards and encouraging excellent results from her clients.
We created GYM ON WHEELS to show that in taking good care of your body you automatically take care of your mind and your spirit. Believing that regular exercising brings not only physical and health benefits but also contributes greatly to your mental equilibrium. GYM ON WHEELS promises to change your life for the better and to provide the best possible care and support in doing so.

Our customer service is among the best in London and meeting with one of our trainers is a truly life-changing experience, by keeping up to date on all the latest techniques we can ensure you receive only the highest quality service every time.


Over the years we have trained people from all walks of life including busy professionals, housewives, new parents and sports-people trying to improve performance or rehabilitate from an injury.
We specialise in:
* Weight loss and fat tissue reduction
* Building core strength and stability
* Toning and muscle conditioning
* Conditioning and flexibility
* Achieving weight loss / muscle bulk
* Rehabilitation after accidents or sport injuries
* Pre and post-natal fitness
* Nutrition advice and coaching
* Posture correction
* Motivation and support
85 Herne Hill
Available facilities: 
Opening hours: 
Sunday: 7:00-21:00
Monday: 6:00-22:00
Tuesday: 6:00-22:00
Wednesday: 6:00-22:00
Thursday: 6:00-22:00
Friday: 6:00-22:00
Saturday: 7:00-21:00