Free Your Breath - Rebirthing Breathwork

Life and Breath Coaching - Holistic Therapy with Beatrice Garoche

Béatrice Garoche is an inspirational powerful holistic therapist.  She brings 30 years experience with compassion and open mind, to empower her clients in their personal or professional development.  She is now a salsa dancer, which gives her an appreciated lightheartedness.  This work has allowed her to discover her passion AND to live it: transforming and dancing with life.  She is am from a village near St Malo in Brittany ( France ) and she has been living in Herne Hill 1992.  Please, read on, possibly watch my video, my website and if you are interested  please, contact me to arrange an introduction conversation.

Rebirthing breathwork combines a holistic therapeutic approach or / and a life and breath coaching to support you to see the part you play in the situations you find yourself in, to claim back your power for eventually being the leader in your own life.  A two hour session starts by a 50 min conversation to widen your perspective, which is followed by a 50 min breathing time.  Conscious Connected Breathing video.  5 min intro: ,  1 min demo: ) .  

What kind of issues do her clients have? Testimonials

Transition issues: new birth, accident, divorce, the loss of a loved one

Ongoing issues:  background of ongoing fears, depression, anxieties, stress, burn out, low energy, disconnection from body sensations, feelings (numbing),  not able to acknowledge and communicate needs and feelings, survival breath, feeling stuck, low self esteem, lack of confidence.

Past issues: trauma, physical or emotional abuse, (bullying, abandonment)

Some specific: infertility, fear of driving, bullying and being bullied, fear of public speaking, physical pain than traditional medicine cannot identify.

What do her clients want from her services? Just like you, they want to be happy and at peace being who they are, finding their place in the world, where they will contribute to their community, living a life that honors their needs and values, being fulfilled celebrating their unique path. 

 People who do this work come away with:

An entire new perspective on their life

Improved communication, relationship and leadership

Increased confidence, awareness, self esteem

A fundamental shift in their outlook


Rebirthing Breathwork can also:

Bring deep relaxation and inner peace

Reawaken intuition, innocence and passion

Eliminate toxins and stress – boost the immune system

Replace worries and fears with love, joy and inspiration

Ease public speaking


Rebirthing Breathwork benefit those who are looking to:

Take stock, re-assess priorities

Communicate effectively to participate in life

Reconnect with your body, your breath, your intuition

Manage strong emotional states - fear, anger, stress

Overcome self sabotaging patterns of behabiours

Stop addiction - substance or behaviour

Release the past, to learn to be present

Celebrate progress

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