Dulwich PT - Pilates & Personal Training Services

Pilates Specialist & Personal Trainer

I've worked as a fitness instructor for 15 years and have established myself in London as an experienced, qualified and motivated fitness trainer.

My specialities are:

- Pilates

- Personal Training

- Group Exercise sessions

Here are a few of the my more relevant qualifications:

- BSc Sport & Exercise Science (1st class honours)

- REPS Level 3 (Advanced) instructor (www.exerciseregister.org)

- CYQ Level 3 (Adv.) Pilates Diploma

- CYQ Level 3 (Adv.) Fitness Instructor

- CYQ Level 3 (Adv.) Nutrition for Physical Activity

- CYQ Level 3 (Adv.) Assessor Diploma

I work in Dulwich / Herne Hill area, coaching clients to a better understanding on fitness. I place an enormous focus on posture and technique and getting the realistic (!) results that you want, whether cardiovascular, toning, or core training.

I have my OWN relaxed, welcoming studio to train Pilates clients; or I can wipe the floor with you in the park, if that's your bag!

I charge very reasonable rates - really. And if you want to work out with your friend(s), great: the more the merrier. 1-2 PT does not cost any more that 1-1. Small group exercise is fun and rewarding.

Lastly, training with me HAS to be fun for both of us. I'll get bored before you do if you can't laugh at me - and yourself. :)