Decorators: Trim Decorating

Skilled, reliable and friendly decorators

We're a Herne Hill-based team who have provided a friendly and reliable decorating service to SE24 and beyond since 2012. 

Maybe you've had a bad experience with decorators?

We're different - a client called our approach, "problem-solving, intuitive, attentive, and human." 

Another said, "The job was completed by David with superb professionalism. From the estimate to the invoice, everything is done with care, thought and real craftsmanship."

We always work carefully to deliver the best finish, using the best equipment, techniques and materials.

We've been "oil-free" since 2016 and - since 2013 - proud users of the clever and efficient dust-reducing sanding system invented by Mirka. 

You'll always find us engaged and responsive - and we always ensure we're contactable during the course of every project. 

To arrange a quote, you can call us during office hours on 020 3151 2351, or send an email to

A few years ago, we learned a useful Japanese word - 'kaizen' (改善) - which means “improvement" or "change for the best". Kaizen refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement, an idea we still keep in mind on every project. 

020 3151 2351
Giant Arches Road
Burbage Road
SE24 9HP