Culture Class

Workshops developing personal, international and communication skills

Culture Class is a group of qualified experts in personal effectiveness, culture and communication skills. Our mission is to make personal and skills development opportunities available to everyone in the community. By providing locally based, high quality and low priced training and clinical counselling, we are offering everyone an opportunity to create the change they like to see around them.

People who are determined to improving the quality of their personal, social or professional life will benefit from a range of courses run next door by qualified experts at bargain rates.

For example, some workshops may be designed to develop your negotiation skills, presentation skills, problem solving and stress management, self confidence or intercultural effectiveness. Especially valuable for people transitioning into a new stage in life. Opportunities come with every change. Luck is preparation meeting opportunity.
- New parents: Communication and the effects of parenting style.
- Adolescents: Life is a game - learn to play it with confidence.
- Immigrants and expats: Using difference to your advantage.
- Addicts to learning.
You can find a full list of courses at .

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Next to training we also offer coaching and clinical counselling to a limited number of clients.