Bump, Birth and Beyond

Midwife-led group antenatal classes

I, Ariadna Sole, am a registered midwife who offers comprehensive and dynamic childbirth preparation classes.

I have over 8 years of experience as a practising midwife. During this time I have worked in different settings, offering continuity of care, attending births at home, at the hospital and being at waterbirths; I have cared for women antenatally and postnatally wherever the premises needed to be; and since the birth of my own children, I have also been working as an antenatal educator.

I am passionate about pregnancy and birth, and I feel grateful to be part of this process as a midwife. .

Being informed during your pregnancy allows you to make choices with confidence. I do not consider my role to be prescriptive, but to offer unbiased information so you will be able to choose according to your priorities and needs. With my knowledge and experience I aim to empower you to work towards the type of birth you really want.

I offer:

group antenatal classes (check my website for class dates, it is always up to date)

One-to-one classes from the comfort of your own home

Postnatal support to top up your routine NHS care

Breastfeeding advise

Yo can check my website for further details or just call me for an informal talk: 07598293625

Looking forward to hearing from you

Ariadna Sole